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Dressing Your Kids for the Outdoors

Playing with your little ones outdoors is a great way for the kids to connect with nature and bond with the entire family this summer, but the key to a good time is safety and ensuring everyone’s well being, especially for the children. One way to do so is by dressing them properly so that they’re prepared to roll around in the grass or splash about in a muddy adventure.

Before sending the kids out for some fun under the sun, keep the following things in mind:

Kids need the proper protection, rain or shine
Some parents forget that playing in the outdoors requires more than just the right clothes, as there are other factors that require your attention, including UV rays and bugs. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are crucial this season, and let's not forget insect repellent. The type of shoes that the little ones wear can also determine their safety outside, and even though they’ll want to wear flip flops, sandals, and even go barefoot when it’s warm, these shoes can put them at risk for stubbed toes, splinters, as well as bee stings. Unless they're on the beach, sneakers and socks are highly recommended. Rain boots are great for wet days, but just be weary about how often they use them as the boots may start to smell, according to a blog post by A Mother Far From Home.

Think about the kind of fabrics you are dressing your little tykes in
The great thing about summer is that you don't have to worry about the proper layering, which fabrics should be worn on the inside and out, etc. The most common material used in summer clothing is cotton because of its breathability, though not all cotton fabrics were made equally. In order for the children to be as comfortable as they are in their clothes, choose lightweight cotton materials that have no light penetrating through them when held up to the light. For example, seersucker cotton is often used in shorts and other spring and summer clothing due to the feel, quality, and visual appeal of the pattern. On gloomy, rainy days, rain jackets are a given. A blog entry by Lisa Dwyer Hogg on unisex clothing brand Tootsa’s website suggests a lot of waterproof jackets have warm linings such as faux sheepskin or fleece, so make sure you avoid those and opt for basic raincoats of ponchos if your summers are particularly hot.

Shade doesn't protect you from UV rays
The shade is excellent for cooling kids down after they've been running around in the sun, but does nothing for you our the little ones in terms of sun protection, the same way that you still need to protect your skin on a cloudy day. If the whole family plans to sit in the shade all day, don't use it as a compromise from wearing sunscreen, hats and sunnies, as light is scattered and reflected, making it possible for anyone to get a sunburn. Some experts share that it only takes under an hour for a fair-skinned person sitting under a tree to get burned, writes Erin Manz a contributor to


KidAtHeart is a mother of two adventurous boys that love summer outings, so she knows the ins and outs of health and safety in the great outdoors. Although she can't quite keep up with how active her sons are, she says spending time with them keeps her fit and a kid at heart. 


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