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Importance of Vitamins

Nutrition is most important for children since they need the proper fuel to constantly grow and learn new things. We need to encourage and ensure our kids are eating nutritious and balanced meals that incorporate numerous vitamins in their diets.

The most important vitamins for children are vitamins A, B, C and D to help them grow and develop optimally! 

Vitamin A plays a crucial role in vision, bone growth and protecting your child’s bodies from infections. In addition, vitamin A promotes the health and growth of many cells and tissues in their bodies such as hair, nails and skin. Some yummy and great sources of vitamin A include milk, cheese, eggs and yellow-to-orange vegetables like carrots, squash and yams!

Vitamin B is like a family of vitamins because there are many of them, such as vitamin B2, B3, B6 and 12. The B vitamins are so important for children because it aids in boosting physical growth. Other important functions include their role in metabolism, energy production as well as maintaining a healthy circulatory and nervous system. Some excellent sources for these B vitamins include meat, chicken, fish, nuts and milk.

Vitamin C does more for kids then just help fight off the common cold. It is additionally a vital vitamin that promotes healthy muscles, tissue and skin. Some healthy sources of vitamin C for your
kiddies include citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, tomatoes and dark green vegetables like broccoli.

Vitamin D is especially important for bone growth and development. It promotes bone and tooth formation as well as helps your children’s bodies absorb calcium. Some nutritious sources of vitamin D include milk and fatty fish such as salmon. However, the best source of vitamin D remains to be sunlight, as long as exposure is in moderation.  

The best way to ensure your children get plenty of vitamins and minerals is to emphasise eating a variety of healthy foods. Offer foods from the different food groups to your children each day and prepare meals with nutrients that complement each other. Vitamins are organic substances necessary for life and essential to the normal functioning of our children’s bodies that cannot be made by the body.   When you are planning your family’s meals and snacks remember that most important vitamins for children are vitamins A, B, C and D in building healthy bodies and minds! 

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