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Summer Safety

Summer is well underway and I hope that everyone enjoyed the first long weekend of the season. Along with the beautiful weather comes lots of water-related activities and as I was driving home from our cottage this last long weekend, I was astounded to hear about the high number of recent tragic lake drowning accidents. This reminded me of one of my own very sad childhood memories.  When I was about five years old, my neighbour’s baby (he was about 1 year old) fell into a small puddle of water on their driveway and drowned. This tragic accident was not only terrible for the family but the entire neighbourhood.

Parents with young children have to be aware that it only takes a couple of inches of water for children to drown. That terrible memory has been burned in my mind as I cautiously watched my own children playing happily.

On the same note, just last week I was reading a Toronto Star article stating that every five days one child dies in their own backyard.

Please keep your children safe this summer (the worry never stops...).
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