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The Arrival of Child #2 – How Not To Do It

As this month we are discussing all things “siblings”, I just thought I would share the crazy story of how our son (Joshua) arrived into this world (and how I got to share the news to my then 2 year old daughter Jainie).

So, I will preface this story by saying my wife and I are not from Calgary and have no family here at all.  In addition, our son was due in the new year/over Christmas holidays and most of our friends and neighbours were either on vacation or with families, etc.  And as this was our 2nd child, we may have been a little (lot) more relaxed in our (lack of) preparation – i.e. hospital bag wasn’t even out much less packed weeks in advance like when Jainie was born.  I mean we’d done it before, we would just wing it this time, right?

Anyway, our Joshie was due Jan 4 so as we knew we needed to have someone here to take care of Jainie when the big event occurred, and so my mother-in-law had booked a flight to arrive the eve of Dec 28th – in our minds, giving us a good buffer of time until the due date.  We had NO backup plan.  None.  Everybody we could rely on in a pinch were away for holidays, etc.  But no worries, we said, having mom-in-law arriving several days before the due date seemed like a solid plan.

So luckily the 28th finally comes, my wife is still very pregnant and my mother in law arrives that night and all is good –whew, we can exhale!  Jainie goes to sleep, my mother-in-law goes to sleep and my wife and I discuss how we will spend the next several days and….her water breaks.  Literally 2 hours after her mother’s plane landed in Calgary and ta-da –it was go time!  So we head to the hospital and several hours later Joshua is born in a whirlwind of a night.

It’s bright and early the next am and I have already been sent home to get some rest.  Now when I get home, I realize that Jainie is still sound asleep - she has absolutely NO idea that we have even left and been gone all night and that she now has a little brother.  So as she woke up, I had the privilege of giving her the big news that she had literally woken up as a big sister.

For me, the whole night was a very surreal blurry experience to say the least. But you can imagine how surreal it was for Jainie - she went to sleep one night and when she woke up the next morning Daddy was here, Mommy wasn’t, and she now had a little brother - wha?  Must have been quite confusing at first but then she got to meet him for the first time that very night and I swear she has been in love with him ever since!

To this day we still don’t know what we would have done if this all happened before my mother-in-law arrived.  And there is no real moral to this story other than my strong recommendation to be a little better prepared than we were (as you just never know!) when new baby sibling is on the way and that apparently my mother-in-law’s superpower is the ability to send women into labor by her mere presence ;-).


Scott Taylor, our Director of Marketing & Operations for Alberta, is a busy Calgary father of two (to Jainie & Joshua, 4 & 2) and these days can name more My Little Pony & Thomas the Tank Engine characters than any one grown man should be able to ;-) Scott can be reached at

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