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(English) Grand Opening at Bloor and Christie, Toronto

(English) National corporate-sponsored child care centre provides children with a lesson in sustainability at new location in Toronto

(MARCH 2, 2012 – TORONTO) – A new corporate-sponsored child care centre in Toronto’s Bloor-Christie neighbourhood is getting ready to green budding minds, providing children with a love and understanding of protecting the environment.

(English) Potty Training Tips

(English) As every child and parent is different and this is true for my children, I decided it would be best to poll our highly trained, qualified and certified directors and ECE’s to see what they think about potty training. Included are tips and tricks from my 8 experiences of potty training as well as the hundreds of experiences our team has had.

(English) Ode to the Single Parents

(English) It’s quite common to hear someone say “I’m a single parent this week” when their husband/wife/partner is out of town due to work obligations. I certainly know that experience; Daddy-o is away on average four days a week. It’s no easy feat for a mama of six and it certainly takes its toll – but however tricky, you won’t catch me referring to myself as a single parent. Why not? Out of respect for all the real single parents out there. While I may be temporarily the only parent on location, I am not a single parent. Here’s the difference:

(English) What I Learned While on Crutches

(English) So I managed to do my ankle in, which landed me in an Aircast and crutches. I know what you’re thinking and for the record, I was not walking and texting. In fact, I was attempting to walk and talk at the VERY same time and managed to go over on my ankle. It’s a good thing I wasn’t chewing gum or I may have ended up in a full body cast.

Clearly this cast/crutches thing is not an ideal situation for a multi-tasking mama. To further complicate the matter, Daddy-o was out of town for the week and the affected ankle was attached to my driving foot. The already difficult task of getting various children to various activities at the same time reached a whole new level of crazy.

(English) Reassess the Situation

(English) We’ve determined that we want to drop the rope and stop power contests with our children. We’ve used the D in the DROP acronym to determine that we are in the midst of a power contest. Now it’s time to R – reassess the situation and hand back responsibility.

In power contests, we lose sight of the goal and engage in the struggle itself. We want to MAKE our kids do what we say. Our kids want to retain their power. Two simple ways they do that are to refuse or ignore our demands. Getting on a coat evolves into a lesson about respect and manners and sometimes includes stories about the kind of spankings handed out when we didn’t listen to Grandpa.

(English) Determining if you are in a Power Contest

(English) Recently, I wrote about power contests between parents and children. In her talk at the Kids & Company Parenting Conference, Alyson Schafer suggested that over time, we can’t “make” kids do what we want. Instead, we should drop the rope in our power battles and work toward getting kids to want to cooperate with us. This is where you pause to laugh heartily. But, I will swear on my beloved iphone that this is possible.

(English) Dropping the Rope – Reflections on Alyson Schafer’s Presentation

(English) Guest writer Michelle Nelson talks about the presentation by Alyson Schafer, who spoke at our Parenting Conference in November.
Michelle Nelson is a marketer with 15 years experience in education and not for profits and enjoys a bit of blogging on the side. Food and parenting are her topics of choice. She lives in Toronto with her seven year old twins and husband.

(English) Little Tikes Computer Stations in our Centres

(English) As many of you might already know, we have implemented some great computers in each of our centres. The computers are encased in beautiful Little Tikes work stations along with some great Canadian-made software from Kutoka.

These computers are intended to enhance your child’s learning and introduce them to different learning styles. As all children learn differently, this software is intended to promote co-operation, problem-solving and independent learning skills. Focusing on early literacy skills, science, math and co-operation this programming is self-correcting with immediate feedback for the children.

(English) Inaugural Parenting Conference

(English) Kids & Company’s Inaugural Parenting Conference on November 5 was a huge success!
Understanding that one of the biggest challenges of being a working parent is balancing professional responsibilities with the realities of raising a family, this conference addressed these challenges and offered advice on how to keep it all in balance.

The day began with a buffet breakfast at 8:30 a.m. at beautiful new hotel – Marriott Springhill Gardens in Vaughan.

(English) To Hide or Not to Hide

(English) How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Veggies:

My husband Derek and I grew up in households where at mealtime, we were served platefuls of what we were expected to eat, and we ate it. Sure, we each honed our different strategies for avoiding what we didn’t like, but our mothers didn’t alter their tactics. They continued serving up undisguised vegetables, plain and simple, like it or not.