Our Comeback Program – How to support parents with young children

We know that this pandemic has been a difficult time to say the least.  We’ve been listening to our clients, families and staff, and for many of them the pandemic has been incredibly challenging along with trying to balance working at home and child care and/or elder care responsibilities.

Here’s How We’re Helping.

In addition to the existing membership program – we’ve created a new Comeback Program, customizable and able to support our clients who might want to offer more full or flexible part-time child care assistance for employees, and/or incorporate employer-paid back-up care for short and temporary assistance if not already being offered.

If you have employees who need customized child care immediately, we will work with you to support them.

To learn more, please email Linda Starr, VP Sales and Marketing at lstarr@kidsandcompany.com or Sharon Shoolman, National Corporate Client Services Manager at sshoolman@kidsandcompany.com.