Referral Program

Spread the Word, Get a $100 or $200 Bonus!

You know the many great reasons to send a child to Kids & Company. And, you know that people trust the opinions and recommendations of friends, co-workers and neighbours. That’s why we’d love your help to spread the word about us. When someone you know registers at Kids & Company, we’ll show our appreciation by giving you a $100 or $200 credit (depending on the number of days the referred child attends per week).

How it Works:

Fill out the form below with your information and the information of the family you are referring. Once that family starts care at ANY Kids & Company location, you will receive a $100 or $200 credit per registered child toward your next month’s tuition. If the child you refer attends part-time (1 to 4 days/week), you will receive a $100 credit. If they attend full-time (5 days/week), you will receive a $200 credit.

The Details:

The referred family can register at any of our Kids & Company locations across Canada and the U.S. This program does not apply to emergency back-up care. You can refer more than one family. You will receive a credit for each child referred and registered. This referral program offer is for new registrations only (it cannot be applied retroactively). This referral program cannot be used in conjunction with any local referral offers that may already exist. 


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If you are looking for our corporate company referral program, click here.