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Understanding Toddlers

At roughly 15 months to 2.9 years old, toddlers are mobile and eager to explore their environment.  As they strive for independence, our educators create a program that supports each child’s individuality. While executing the curriculum, our team prioritizes communication skills and connection with others to support the growth of toddlers in this important stage of development.

Toddlers learn best in the context of small groups, which is central to how we structure our days. With fewer distractions, children can focus and build stronger bonds with our educators and their peers. Smaller groups also enable our educators to spend quality time with the children and ensure their cues and interests are respected and responded to.  

Your Toddler’s Day

Your toddler’s day starts with a warm welcome to the classroom from our staff and their peers. 

Throughout the day, we engage in activities that promote the most important learning outcomes for toddlers including language development, socialization, self-help skills, and the development of fine motor and eye/hand coordination. 

Language development is promoted throughout the day in a variety of ways, including labelling their environment and through repetition of their emerging vocabulary. All of this contributes to toddlers becoming confident learners and developing language and literacy skills. 

We also use our proprietary sign language programming to cultivate independence and improve your child’s ability to share their needs and wants. Other proprietary programs include yoga, Munchkinetics, French, and nutrition. Kidco Yoga and Munchkinetcs help children develop eye/hand coordination and muscle strength, while French enhances language skills and phonetics, and the nutrition curriculum aids in making good food choices long-term. 

After lunch, toddlers get a chance to nap and reset for the afternoon, full of more activity,  learning, and outdoor play! 


With all this programming, children get hungry! The Kidco Kitchen provides our children with lunch and snacks each day*, including a bonus, 3rd snack around 5pm to tide children over until dinner time. Family style dining is offered at each meal, where children serve themselves their own portions to improve fine motor skills, develop self-help skills, and empower them to make their own food choices.

Our menu and recipes are all created by a nutritionist, cooked by chefs, and approved by our children. Our weekly menus are ethnically diverse and available here, as are all of our recipes.

*Available at most locations.

Communication With Parents

Our educators make an effort to get to know the children and families well so that experiences enhance and blend with home life. Every day you’ll receive a digital daily report on how your child’s day was through the Kindertales app. There you’ll find basic details like nap time, diaper changes, what they ate and how much, what activities they participated in, as well as updates on milestones as well as developmental growth. You’ll also be able to see your child via our in-classroom web cameras, installed at the majority of our locations. 

For more information on how we stay connected, click here.

Want to Learn More?

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