Child learning sign language

Sign Language

Sign Language is incorporated into Kids & Company infant and toddler program to enhance the communication between caregiver and child. Introducing children who are still non-verbal (not yet talking) to sign language is essential in providing them with the confidence to share their needs and wants with caregivers. Signing skills also help minimize some of the frustration and resulting tantrums that toddlers experience when they cannot make themselves understood. During the implementation of sign language, it is critical that the caregiver associate their verbal language with the physical sign so that the child begins to make the connection between spoken word and the sign representing that word. At Kids & Company, we encourage parents and guardians to reinforce signs at home. You’ll be surprised how quickly babies and toddlers catch on! The weekly sign is communicated each week through Kids & Company’s social media channels. We also provide parents with a handy Sign Language Glossary that visually demonstrates commonly used signs.