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Embracing Challenges, Learning from Mistakes, and Persevering

This blog is written by Sunny Verma, President of TutorBright. TutorBright’s online tutoring service gives children a personalized academic & mentorship plan. Whether the student is struggling in school or wanting to get ahead, TutorBright uses an innovative process to accomplish the student’s goals and help create a plan that will continue that success in… [read more]

Cultivating Joy and Connection: 5 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude with Your Children

This blog is written by our friends, Love Powered Co., where they are on a mission to empower the next generation of mindful leaders through three core pillars:  gratitude, mindfulness, and connection. Love Powered Co offers simple, guided affirmations and mindfulness tools for the whole family, encouraging positive self-talk, building confidence, and promoting positive connections.  As… [read more]

Books Highlighting Diversity, Inclusion and Kindness

“Our hope is simple. That children will learn from a young age that everyone, regardless of their ability, gender or race is accepted and loved just as they are.” This is Nancy Corocan and Jayne Nagy (sisters) goal for their ‘We Love Joy’ series of books, inspired initially by loss and grief. Kids & Company… [read more]

Reestablishing Routines: 5 Tips for a Smooth Transition

  As we transition from hot summer days to our regularly scheduled programming, it is only natural to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension as we get back to regular routines. Here are our top 5 tips to help ease that transition for the whole family.     Get a Good Night’s Sleep  Being… [read more]

Children’s Books for Transitioning into a New Learning Environment

As families gear up for the back-to-school season, remember that books can be a great way to help prepare young children for new learning environments, whether it’s starting child care, moving to a new classroom, or beginning kindergarten. We’ve curated a list of books that speak to themes of school, inclusivity, kindness, and connections to… [read more]

The Benefits of Reading with Your Children

August 9th marks Book Lovers Day, a perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading with our children. Reading with children goes beyond entertainment; it brings forth numerous benefits that contribute to their cognitive and social development. At Kids & Company, we absolutely identify as book lovers. Read on for some reasons why.   Reading… [read more]

Labelling for Child Care with Mabel’s Labels: The Ultimate Guide for Busy Parents

This blog is written by our friends Mabel’s Labels. Trusted by parents for over 20 years, Mabel’s Labels offers durable and waterproof labels that are dishwasher and laundry safe and are perfect for school, daycare, summer camp, children’s activities and so much more! Mabel’s Labels is the go-to choice for parents seeking practical, high-quality label… [read more]

Embracing All the Feels: Practicing Emotional Regulation

This blog is written by our guest author Ulrica Jobe, a Parenting Coach with The Giving Tree Centre, a children’s mental health clinic comprised of an experienced team of mental health professionals (child psychologists & psychotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and parent coaches) who help kids and families develop the awareness, skills and capacity… [read more]

Why is My Baby Waking Up So Early?

This blog is written by our guest author, Alana Metallo, Certified Sleep Consultant from MetaSleep Consulting. MetaSleep helps families navigate sleep and live a well-rested lifestyle. Through consultation, they educate, guide, and support families about the benefits of healthy sleep, and help parents create a customized sleep routine for their children’s naps and bedtime. “Why… [read more]

Self-Care Routine Ideas for the Family

As parents and caregivers, we devote ourselves to nurturing and supporting our children, often putting their needs before our own. However, self-care is crucial because taking care of ourselves is not just an act of self-love, but also benefits our children through a positive ripple effect.  Here are some reasons why self-care is so crucial… [read more]