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“Inspire Your Heart with Art Day”: Encourage Your Child’s Inner Artist

Art has a wonderful way of fostering creativity, stirring emotions and touching the hearts of all ages. "Inspire Your Heart with Art Day" on January 31st, honors the way art can have a positive impact on our lives, and in this blog, we share some art activities designed to encourage young children to express themselves and find joy in the process.

Drum Painting: This activity allows your child to build the connection to the rhythm of music, while engaging their senses! Supply your child with a canvas, paint and tongue depressors or sticks. Turn on some music and encourage your child to drum on the canvas with the tongue depressors dipped in the paint, while listening to the beat. This activity allows children to express themselves freely through movement and color. Follow along with our video here!

Draw the Music: Drawing what you hear encourages the translation of auditory experiences into unique pieces of art. Play some music and provide your child with large pieces of paper and pencils or wax crayons. Ask your child to draw what they think they can hear. Keep this activity totally open and allow your child to surprise you with how they interpret and “draw music”. Draw your own interpretation at the same time and show your child how your pictures differ. This helps young children explore the connection between sound and visual expression. 

Finger Painting: Dipping fingers into vibrant paint and letting creativity flow onto a canvas can be so much fun for children. Set up a finger painting station with an array of colors, and watch as they explore the sensory experience of creating unique masterpieces with just their hands.

Recycled Art: Give a new life to old materials by organizing recycled materials to create art! Gather items such as cardboard boxes, jar lids, magazines and more. Encourage children to create sculptures, collages, figures, or even 3D art using only recycled materials. This activity not only promotes environmental awareness but also encourages resourcefulness. Check out our Recyclable Jar Lid Boat activity here for inspiration – this crafting activity is fun both indoors and out!

Art has the power to take us to a vibrant world of imagination and self-expression. On "Inspire Your Heart with Art Day," let's celebrate the creativity of our children by engaging them in these various art activities. These activities not only inspire young hearts and minds, but also create lasting memories of joy and artistic exploration – and time spent with you! Let the artistic adventure begin!

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