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Back to School Blogging!

Once again, the summer has flown by, and as I enjoy the final few days of August, I am also gearing up for September, which is a busy month for most moms. Five of my eight children are going “back to school” next week, ranging from grade ten to law school. Given that I have gone through this process many times already, here are some of my tips for the transition back to school.

  1. Start counting down until the first day of school (especially with your little ones!).
  2. A little back to school shopping (whether it is for a new pencil case or a first day outfit) is always a fun way to get into the groove. I found that as my kids got older, the back to school shop became an end-of-summer highlight.
  3. Talk about the upcoming school year with your children. I like to talk to each one of my kids about their teachers, their goals for the year and which sports teams or clubs they want to get involved in. Involvement in school life is super important, and I will write more on this in a future blog post.
  4. Start getting your kids into the school sleep schedule. During the summer, many parents don’t worry as much about early bed times, however, it is important to get your children ready for those early school-day mornings.
  5. Plan a first day back celebration. With my kids, we always took pictures of them on their first day of school, and then we would have a pizza party for dinner that night.

Does your family have any back to school rituals? I hope you enjoy the rest of these beautiful summer days and have an easy transition back to school and into fall!