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Mini Masters Fun!

Mini Masters is one of the many proprietary programs we offer at Kids & Company. It is an exhilarating art program that introduces notable artists to our toddlers and preschoolers. Every 4 -5 weeks the children study a different artist and learn about their specialized technique!

Last week in our Toddler Mini Masters Program, the children began their unit on Viola Frey, an American artist known for her work in sculpture, painting and drawing. They looked at her piece “Blown Glass Vases” and discussed shape and form. The toddlers were encouraged to discuss what the items in the piece looked like and what they reminded them of.  They then got to experiment with clay and mold their own mini pots!



In our Preschool Mini Masters Program, the preschoolers began their unit on Sheila Hicks, an American textile artist.  They examined her piece “Prance of Knees” and learned about tapestry and how to dye and weave different types of yarns and fabrics. The children had a great time  making their own tapestry pieces out of string and yarn!



Keep checking the blog for more weekly Mini Masters updates and pictures!