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Prenatal Exercises

The concept of prenatal exercise has changed significantly over the last 28 years. In the past, it was rarely discussed and usually associated with "going for a walk" or "going to a step class".

I remember seeing some of my pregnant friends continue running into their final months of pregnancy! Sadly, this was not the case for me as I only began exercising seriously after my 8th child was around 1 years old.

I spoke with several pregnant  relatives to find out what exercises they were doing. Many continued practicing yoga while others enjoyed swimming or going for walks. I definitely believe that walking is the best prenatal exercise and should be continued soon after the baby arrives!

As each of my children were born, I got into the habit of taking my family out for long walks during the summer evenings. This was perfect as it was a relaxing setting for the family plus I got a good work out from it!

My oldest son Chris now takes baby Mac out for walks on the boardwalk by the beaches!