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What To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp!

Summer break is just around the corner and while the kids are counting down to the lazy days of summer, many parents are scrambling to find a way to keep their kids entertained and stimulated over the break. A popular option is to register in a summer day camp. Here are some tips for choosing the right summer camp for your kids to ensure they have fun, their minds are stimulated, their bodies are active and that they will be in good hands:

  • Think about your child's interests and then ask around and research camps that have activities that will appeal to your child. Eg.) Soccer camp or drama camp
  •  Involve your child in the research process to give them something to look forward to
  • Ask friends if their children would be interested in registering as well to provide a familiar face at the camp
  • Talk about the exciting features of the camp regularly to build excitement


Important questions to ask when shopping around for a camp:

  • What kind of activities will he/she be doing?
  • What is included in the camp fees?
  • What is the daily routine/schedule?
  • What time does camp start each day and what time do kids needs to be picked up? Are there late pick-up fees?
  • Are meals provided daily? If yes, ask for a sample menu
  • Who licences the camp?
  • What happens if my child is injured during an activity?
  • What screening procedures are in place for staff?
  • What security policies are in place to ensure children are safe?
  • What is the supervision policy on field trips?
  • Are you able to accommodate children with asthma, allergies, etc.?

For children with a variety of interests, choose a camp that features an array of activities and a balance of sports, art and other fun activities.



Kids & Company has developed a variety of theme-based Camp Programs for children ages 6 – 12.  These programs provide engaging activities to keep children happy and active through exciting adventures, community involvement, learning opportunities and field trips. We take advantage of the facilities in the surrounding community as well as some of the popular attractions nearby. Don’t worry, we offer on-site care at select locations if you’re not interested in field trips for your child.

Our Camp locations are listed on our website at, under the child care  tab.  For more information on our Camp Programs please contact us toll-tree at 1-866-695-4326 or send an email to