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On-Demand Webinars

Managing our Kids’ (and our own) Mental Health in a COVID World With Emma Fogel

Live Dancing Fiesta + Rainbow Smoothie Tutorial Family Event

Strategies for Managing Anxiety During the Pandemic With Alli Therapy

Strategies for Developing Children’s Resilience with TutorBright

Child Language Development with Babbly

Sleep Strategies and Q+A with Laura from WeeSleep

Feeding Your Family for the Best Immune Defence with Tosca Reno

Q+A with Dr. Dina Kulik

Self- Massage Virtual Workshop with Mama Mobile 

Have you ever wished that you could give yourself a massage? Sarah from Mama Mobile will be teaching you how! In this virtual workshop, you will learn how to massage commonly sore muscles using a tennis ball and stretches that will help relax muscles that have tightened up during the last few months working from home.

Mama Mobile provides in-home massage and physiotherapy services for busy parents throughout the GTA. Appointments run as late as 8 pm so you can chill while the little’s are fast asleep. Mama Mobile will be reopening late July- stay tuned!

Connect with Mama Mobile:
Instagram- @mamamobile.co
Website: mamamobile.com
Email: hello@mamamobile.com


Pregnancy and Postnatal Care in a Pandemic – Q+A with a Doctor Panel 

Join us with our panel of doctors from Women’s College Hospital as they answer commonly asked questions surrounding being pregnant during a pandemic.


How to Be an Effective Disciplinarian with Alyson Schafer 

The Importance of Music in Child Development with Nancy Kopman

Dealing with Transitions with The Mama Coach

Potty Training Tips and Tricks with Alyson Schafer

Getting Out of the Door Alive with Parenting Power

Transitioning from Purees to Solid Food with Fragola

Are Screens Stealing Your Sanity with Parenting Power

Work Life Balance with Parenting Consultant Sylvia Corzato

Sleep Strategies for Families with WeeSleep’s Akira Seuradge

Tips for Surviving Life In Lock Down with Alyson Schafer

The Journey of Parenting a Child with Special Needs with Julie Cole


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