School Age Programs 2022

School Age Programming

Kids & Company’s School Age program is available at select locations, and welcomes children from ages 5 to 12 years (Grades 1 – 6). School Age programs include Before and After School Care, School Break Care, and Summer Camp.
Since this programming is available to a wider age range, educators design the curriculum in a way that accommodates various abilities and developmental needs. This also allows older children to be role models and younger children to learn from their mature peers. Each day your child’s milestones are achieved through fun and educational activities, as well as meaningful social interaction.

Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care is focused on providing a comfortable, safe, and productive social setting for your children as they prepare for and finish off their school days. Space exists for children to play with others, seek out quiet time, complete homework, or creatively express themselves through arts and drama.

Before and After School Care lends itself to more open and imaginative play than children experience during the school day, complimenting their focused time in class well. Our classrooms are full of interactive books, creative art, and planned activities that contribute to enhancing cognitive development and mental acuteness. At the same time, educators are available to provide academic support for children who wish to do their homework.

School Break Programming

For families that need care over scheduled school breaks, Kids & Company offers exciting programming for school age children. We operate on PD days, March Break, and over the Winter Holidays with the exception of statutory holidays and weekends.

School Break Programming includes the same activities listed in the Summer Camp program, with the exception of off-site field trips.

Summer Camp

Kids & Company’s unique Summer Camp program is tailored to children’s interests and allows them to explore their passions and learn lifelong skills. In keeping with the theme of summer, Camp is fun, busy, educational, and includes plenty of outdoor time.

Each Summer Camp is run by Camp Counsellors and ECEs. Together, they develop impactful programming to ensure the children have a summer camp experience they will remember.

Our staff leads school agers through exciting on-site activities that are planned around each week’s theme. Themes include pottery, drama, cooking, science, environmental sustainability, and much more. Children are exposed to plenty of new topics and learning opportunities, which allows them to cultivate new skills and identify new interests.

Most locations have an outdoor play area where children can enjoy activities like soccer, badminton, or water play. Each week our children adventure off-site to enjoy a field trip to local attractions, including various museums, libraries, zoos, local parks, and bowling alleys!

Children can attend for a day every so often, a full week, or the entire summer. Summer camp operation start dates vary per region, so be sure to reach out for details.

School age children are provided food from from our Kidco Kitchen each day at the majority of our locations The Before and After School Care program provides snacks, while the School Break and Summer Camp programs provide lunch and three snacks. Family style dining is offered at each meal, where children serve themselves their own portions to develop self-help skills and empower them to make their own food choices.

Our menu and ethnically diverse recipes are all created by a nutritionist, cooked by chefs, and approved by our children. Our weekly menus are ethnically diverse and available here, as are all our recipes.

Communication With Parents
Our educators make an effort to get to know the children and families well so that experiences enhance and blend with home life. Weekly newsletters are sent to all campers’ parents highlighting the activities and trips that their child has enjoyed. You’ll also be able to see him or her via our in-classroom web cameras, installed at the majority of our locations.

Want to Learn More?

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