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Behaviour Management Methods

Behaviour management for young children is always an issue and parents frequently ask us why their children behave so well at child care or school, and not at home? Sometimes parents are under the impression that in our child care centres we ask the children to be on "time out".

We absolutely do not recommend that "time outs" be used as behaviour management, at home or at child care. I often suggest to parents that they use our behaviour management policies as a guideline for their families at home.

At Kids & Company, “time-out" is not used as we have found success using alternate methods.

- The teachers focus is on redirecting children when an undesired behaviour occurs.

- Behavioral concerns are resolved through active listening, calm negotiation and/or redirection.

- Redirection gives a child some time to think about why they have been removed from a particular area. It also provides the teacher with the opportunity to engage in a developmentally appropriate conversation with the child. This will ensure the child clearly understands what is expected and how a situation could have been handled in a different way.

Do any of these methods resonate with you?