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Calling All Busy Bees!

June is such a busy month, and sometimes it’s hard to set aside time to prepare great snacks for your kids. This week I would like to offer you a go-to snack for your little ones that is not only super easy and quick, but also extremely delicious! I discovered this “No-Cook Snacks” book which provides fun-to-make snacks while using healthy, low-cost ingredients. Best of all, this cookbook actually contains no cooking! Each recipe can be done in a matter of minutes and no preparation is required. For all you busy-bees, the “No-Cook Snacks” by Immacula A. Rhodes is perfect for you!

Try out one of these creative recipes with your children. They will not only enjoy the end product (the recipes are connected to seasonal and holiday themes), but they will love making these delicious snacks with you! In fact, this really can be an activity for the whole family.

Let me know if you enjoy this Busy Beehive recipe. This snack is really cute as can BEE and your children will be all A-BUZZ about building their own beehive. (No-Cook Snacks).

No-Cook Cooking Busy Beehive Recipe

What you need:

  • Rice cake
  • 10 pieces of Shreddies (or any equivalent)
  • Cottage cheese
  • 2 raisins
  • 4 pieces of Rice Krispies cereal

What to do:

  1. Place rice cake on a napkin or plate
  2. Spread cottage cheese on top (one side only) of the rice cake
  3. Place the Shreddies on the cottage cheese surface to form the beehive
  4. Add your bees (the raisins) on top of the cottage cheese
  5. Finish off by attaching the wings (the Rice Krispies pieces) to the bee
  6. Enjoy!



Chef Lisa Ruscica