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To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle

There are so many questions that arise when you're preparing for a new baby! Is it better to bottle or breast feed? Is it better to use a crib or cradle? Pacifier or no pacifier? There are so many questions, so many experts and so many "answers" it's hard to keep track of them all!

As I had my children, there were often changes in expert advice. I always listened to my body, my mind and my babies!  Swaddling is a highly popular technique that's been around for years. I swaddled some of my babies and didn't swaddle others.

It definitely helps some babies but may not help others. I found that my little ones who had a hard time settling when they were really newborns benefited from a gentle swaddle (not too tight) which just helped them calm down a bit.  Interestingly,  other babies of mine hated that feeling of confinement and were much happier to sprawl out in their bassinets.

I've always taken all advice with a grain of salt.  I trusted my doctor's opinion and knowledge when it came down to questioning if something was safe or not. Swaddling has been so popular over the years that many products have been created to make it easier. All you really need is a nice light, soft blanket that is gentle enough on your baby. Although there's been some controversy on whether or not swaddling is ideal, my soon-to-be grandbaby's doctor said that a gentle swaddle to keep the baby happy and comfortable is perfectly suitable as they're used to being in a little knot in the womb.  It seems that swaddling is perfectly acceptable in 2013!

If you're interested in swaddling your baby, here's a website with some great instructions on how to do it safely - We also love the muslin swaddling blankets as they're not too heavy and are light and breathable.  Happy swaddling (or not)!  We hope your baby is sleeping soundly either way!