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Fostering Kindness and Empathy: Stories for Bullying Prevention Month

In honor of Bullying Prevention Month, we are sharing four fantastic books that help promote three KIDCO values: kindness, diversity, and courageousness, in addition to other important values of self-acceptance and empathy. We believe it's essential to foster these values in children from an early age to help promote inclusivity and deter bullying behaviours.

  1.       Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld

Through its portrayal of friendship, "Stick and Stone" is a story about standing up to bullies, standing up for others, and the power of kind words. Young readers are introduced to the character “Stick” who befriends “Stone” after helping him out of a tough spot. When a new character “Pinecone” enters the scene as a bully, Stick and Stone show how friends defend one another against bullies and stand up against unkind behavior. 

  1.       I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld

Through heartwarming depictions of "wishes," "I Wish You More" is a book that carries a beautiful message of spreading positivity, hope, and love. While not explicitly about bullying, this book encourages children to “wish” each other well and encourages them to be a source of support. It's a fantastic tool to start conversations with children about what we should wish for others and how kind words, intentions, and actions can positively impact those around us.

  1.       No More Bullies by Jayne Nagy

"No More Bullies" offers children a clear and concise understanding of what bullying is, how it feels, and how they can help to stop it. The story encourages children to stand up to bullies, to be assertive, and to seek support when they need it. 

  1.       Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

"Chrysanthemum" is a story about embracing one's uniqueness. “Chrysanthemum” is the name of a young mouse who adores her unique name until she starts school. There, she faces teasing and bullying because of her name, which lowers her self-esteem. Through the support of her parents and a compassionate teacher, Chrysanthemum learns to appreciate her individuality and finds the strength to confront her bullies. This story beautifully illustrates the importance of self-acceptance and the power of kindness and courage in the face of bullying.

These books have the power to help young children understand that their words and actions can help make the world a more compassionate and inclusive place. We hope to raise a generation of children who stand against bullying and choose kindness instead. 

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