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Getting Creative in our Mini Masters Program!

Last week in our Toddler Mini Masters Program, the children continued with their unit American artist Viola Frey and looked at her piece entitled “Sculpture in the Desert”. The toddlers examined her  large, over the top sculptures of giant men and women and discussed shape and size. For their art project, the children drew mountains and then pasted paper people next to them and pretended they were giants! During their daydream activity, they got to pretend they were giants as well! Little cars, trees, plants, and buildings were placed on the floor and the toddlers walked around them pretending they were larger than life!



In our Preschool Mini Masters Program, the preschoolers continued with their unit on Sheila Hicks, an American textile artist and looked at her piece “Six Soft Stones”. They discussed the art technique of “wrapping” and examined how Shelia Hicks used this method in her work.  The children continued working on their string art from the previous week and were encouraged to add different textures and materials to their pieces. For their daydream activity, the preschoolers were asked to sit in a circle and pass around small objects that had been wrapped in a few layers while music played. Once the music stopped they had to remove a layer until the object was completely unwrapped! This activity encouraged the children to take turns and follow direction!



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