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Holiday Reading List 2022

At Kids & Company, we teach children about many different cultures, traditions, and backgrounds. This is true when it comes to the holidays as well! We believe that teaching children about their friends’ traditions helps to promote understanding and respect for their peers, while also highlighting the things that make each of them unique.

Leading up to the holidays, we’ve curated a reading list that covers some of the different holidays and traditions that are celebrated at this time of year.

The reading list below was curated by Kristine Grant, Kids & Company’s Director of Learning Environments. Kristine, along with her team of educators, is responsible for shaping the education of roughly 10,000 children in our care. She is deeply familiar with reading materials that engage little minds and spark conversation.  Here is her recommended book list.

  1. Hanukkah Bear: Bubba Brayna’s legendary latkes (potato pancakes) lure a hibernating visitor into her home in this playful Hanukkah tale from a master storyteller. This book is a fun introduction for young readers to the traditions and customs of Hanukkah.
  2. Li’l Rabbit’s Kwanzaa:  The story of Li'l Rabbit captures the true meaning of Kwanzaa—coming together to help others. Li'l Rabbit is not having a very good Kwanzaa. Granna Rabbit is sick, and so his family won't celebrate his favorite part of Kwanzaa this year: a big feast called Karamu. Li'l Rabbit knows what to do! He'll find Granna Rabbit a special treat for Karamu so she can celebrate anyway — but he doesn't find anything for Granna Rabbit. Maybe I'm just too little to help, Li'l Rabbit thinks. Or maybe he just needs a little help from his family and friends.
  3.  Pick a Pine Tree: A festive read-aloud brimming with all the joy and excitement of Christmastime! Part of the magic of the Christmas season stems from the traditions that families and friends take part in every year: hanging up stockings; putting lights in the windows; and, one of the most important of all, picking out and taking home the Christmas tree. This celebration of family, friends, and the holiday season is as merry as the tradition it depicts.
  4. Winter Sleep: We can’t forget about our animal friends as we celebrate winter traditions, many of whom are hibernating. Follow a child and his grandma through a winter landscape to explore how the Earth goes to sleep for winter and spot the sleeping animals as the tale unfolds. 

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