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How to Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings time is quickly approaching. Although the clock is shifting just one hour, this abrupt change can cause sleep disturbances for our children (and for us). If you finally got your child(ren) sleeping well, the idea of a time change might have you feeling a little overwhelmed as to what could come next. 

The good news is that children who have strong sleep skills will be able to manage through this time change. You can make some minor adjustments to your schedule that will have your child(ren) sleeping well in no time, even through the time change.

 Here are some great tips to consider with the upcoming time change:

 Adjust the Schedule

If your child goes to bed at 7:00 pm, about 4 days before the time change, put them to bed at 6:45 pm, then 6:30 pm, then 6:15 pm until you are close to 6 pm. If possible, wake them up earlier as well. This gradual approach makes it an easier transition for your little ones.

 Older children may have difficulty going to bed earlier. You can focus on waking them earlier each day. While this can seem like a lot of work, it will be totally worth it! This shift in time will allow your child to adjust to the time change and give you more peace of mind.

Sleep Space Essentials: Blackout Blinds & Sound Machines

While we all love the sunshine, it can disrupt your little one’s sleep. If you don’t have blackout blinds or curtains, they are a must-have!

Babies have trouble distinguishing between awake and sleep times, so blackout blinds help to keep the sleep space dark and comfortable.

Early mornings lead to more sunshine and birds chirping. While these sounds are beautiful signs of spring, they can cause your child to experience early morning wakes.

Sound machines are effective as they block out external noises that can cause sleep disturbances. We are in our lightest stage of sleep in the early morning, so the use of a sound machine will help to keep the sleep space consistent and comfortable.

Rise & Shine Clocks

You may have heard of a GroClock or Rise to Shine clocks for toddlers. They are a great tool to help your toddler learn when it is time to wake up in the morning.

You can program the clocks to have a colour appear and signal when it is time to rise in the morning. These clocks are great for children over the age of 3 as they are developed enough to comprehend and follow the clock cues.

 Be Flexible

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to meet expectations. Remember that things don’t always go according to plan, and that is ok! It generally takes adults and children one week to completely adjust to the time change. Give yourself grace and time. If this timeframe passes and sleep is still a challenge, other factors may be involved. Take some time to evaluate your family’s sleep as it is vital to everyone’s well-being. 

Live rested,

Alana Metallo

Certified Sleep Consultant

IG: @metasleepco_alana 

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