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My Valentine(s)

Valentine's day is a great day to be able to express your love for those around you. I'm lucky enough to have a husband and 8 amazing children to share my Valentine's day with. I don't just have one Valentine, I have 8 - which makes it 8 times more fun!!!

When my kids were young, they all took the time to make both their father and I beautiful hand made cards and of course, they asked for help getting us our favourite treats! Without fail, each Valentine's day I receive a box of cherry chocolates - my absolute favourite! Although I do love these treats, the most important part of the day for me is being able to sit with those I love and share cards and time together.

As our family begins to grow, with a grand baby on the way, our holidays are going to get that much better!

So whether it's a card, chocolates, flowers or just some valuable time together, Valentine's day is a great opportunity to show and be shown just how much love is out there!

I hope your Valentine's day is as wonderful as mine always is!