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Why Kids & Company: A Parent’s Perspective

My name is Megan and my son has been attending the Victoria Uptown Kids & Company location in BC for the past three years. Kids & Company has been an amazing resource for my family and I can always rely on them to go and above and beyond in the care provided to my son.

There was one teacher in particular that stood out to my son and myself. Her name is Gayathri and she worked in the Preschool 1 classroom. She is a very warm and friendly teacher and it was always a pleasure to see her at the end of the day. She took the time to share a story or let me know how my son's day went each time!

However, there was one day in particular that I realized how important Gayathri really is to my son and what a standout woman she is. There were thunderstorms in Victoria and I knew my son would be worried when he went outside, as he had expressed concern that morning about the loud noise that thunder makes. We do not get thunder here often and he is not used to hearing it. At the end of the day when I was picking him up, my son told me that he was scared during the storm and cried later that day when he went outside. However, the story ended with Gayathri holding and comforting him until he felt safe again.

He then said that Gayathri is like having a mommy at preschool. It was this comment that made me feel so happy because when looking for high quality child care, I was looking for a substitute parent in a sense. Someone to take over when I am not around and care for him the same way I would so that he always feels safe, comfortable and loved. To hear him use those words to describe Gayathri was so comforting and knowing that she had been so warm and caring at a time when I was worried about him was so reassuring.

I am confident that as he moves on to new classrooms they will still get to see each other and keep their special bound alive. I am so grateful to her and all the other amazing caregivers that work at Kids & Company!!

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