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Wrapping up the Holidays

I hope everyone had as lovely a Holiday as I did. It's always so great to have all of the kids at home again, family over and everyone enjoying great food and company. It is so busy in our house right now, just like the good old days!

There's always a bit of a lull after the holidays once all the fun has stopped and the excitement has started to calm down. We always make sure we have some fun activities planned to balance out the lull. Our kids love to ski, go to the movies, hang out at home and read books they just got for Christmas. By encouraging this extra family time, it makes the holidays seem like more fun for longer!
We all come together and clean up the Christmas decorations soon after the 25th so no one is left with the burden of doing it alone. The key to it all is we like to do everything together as a family, each person contributes in their own way and that's what has made the holidays so special for us!
I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best for 2013!