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Start your New Year off right!!

Happy 2013!


I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. The beginning of a new year brings new beginnings and lots of new resolutions. Is healthy eating and staying fit a part of your 2013 resolutions? Or maybe it’s been a part of the 2012 and 2011 resolutions as well but you really want to kick it into gear this year? Whatever your reasoning is for a healthier lifestyle, there really is no better time to give it a go!


Whenever I’m talking to someone about living healthier I always stress that it does not have to happen overnight. Don’t beat yourself up about it right away. Make small changes that you can actually accomplish and set realistic goals for yourself. It’s all about doing the best you can! For example, a couple of my neighbours and I started a walking group. We scheduled times during the week to get together and power walk.  One of the best parts of this group was that it was fun too! This walking group soon became a running group. It wasn’t long before we decided to train and complete a half marathon! Small steps really can make for big changes.


Remember that staying fit is a lifestyle choice. It’s not rocket science, but it does take determination and drive to accomplish. I’m sure you've heard most of the suggestions below, but that’s because they really do work!


1)   Get moving! Like I said, healthy living is not rocket science. We all know exercise is part of a healthier lifestyle. Make sure to exercise ½ an hour, three times a week, even if it’s just walking around the block. Take the dog for a walk rather than letting him out in the backyard or shovel the driveway. Especially at this time of year, that really is a full-body workout.


2)   Be mindful of your portions. You really do not need as much food as you think you do. Sometimes we eat just because we are bored. It doesn’t hurt to even pull out a scale to see how much you really are eating. Those ounces are deceiving!


3)   Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. It’s what cleanses our bodies of toxins and keeps our systems fresh. Many of us feel sluggish throughout the day not because we are tired but because we are dehydrated.


4)   Eat your veggies and fruit. There’s a reason that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Vegetables and fruit are important for a healthy diet. Eating the right food is much easier said than done though, especially when there are delicious chocolate chip cookies in your cupboard. A part of eating the right food is making sure the right choices are readily available when you need a snack.  Sliced vegetables and fruit in your refrigerator work well as snack-sized items that take very little time to prepare. Have these stocked in your refrigerator and the next time you’re thinking of reaching for the chips, there will be a healthier option that you can grab instead.


5)   Make sure to get your ZZZs! Sleep gives your body a chance to rejuvenate itself. If you want to have enough energy to stay fit and be active, you also have to make sure you’re getting enough rest.



I wish you all the best in 2013! Here’s to keeping all those New Year’s resolutions!




Chef Lisa Ruscica

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