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To keep your family and friends connected, video chatting with apps such as FaceTime, Google Duo, and WhatsApp can be a wonderful virtual experience. Check out our video chat guide to help children build relationships, communicate and learn from loved ones on the screen.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Sleep Strategies with Laura from WeeSleep – October 28th at 12:00pm EDT

Join Laura Wilson, Certified Infant + Toddler Sleep Consultant to discuss infant/baby & toddler sleep:

– How much sleep children need.
– How many naps they require at various ages.
– Common infant/baby sleep challenges.
– Important tips that can get you started on the road to healthy sleep for your little one.

Let’s get some amazing, healthy rest for the whole family!

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Child Speech Development with Babbly on November 6th at 12:30pm EDT

Talia Leszcz, Speech Language Pathologist will provide an overview of child language development and how parents can support it at home.

Together with Maryam Nabavi, Co-Founder of Babbly, they will discuss the importance of tracking language milestones as early as infancy as it’s related to vocabulary size and literacy in preschool years. We’ll then host a Q&A for anyone who might have questions about the Babbly app or their baby’s speech and language development.

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On-Demand Virtual Events

Field Trips

Amazing Animals – National Geographic 

Calgary Zoo – Panda Cam

Georgia Aquarium – Ocean Cam

Museum of Natural History – Virtual Tour

Ripley’s Aquarium – Jellyfish Cam

Ripley’s Aquarium – Penguin Cam 

Ripley’s Aquarium – Rainbow Reef Cam

Ripley’s Aquarium – Shark Cam

San Diego Zoo – Live Animal Cams

Vancouver Aquarium – Penguin Cam 

Join us to sing, dance, and play musical games as ABC Academy of Music hosts a fun, virtual Music Together class for movers and shakers ages 4–8 years old with a parent, caregiver, grandparent, or the whole kit-and-kaboodle!

To get ready for the music-making fun, grab something you can use as a drum (pot, laundry basket, drum), a scarf-like item (scarf, tea-towel, pillow case), some sticks (wooden spoons, chopsticks), and a shaker (actual shaker, or beans or lentils in a plastic container/bottle). Also be sure to clear a good space so you can move, sing, and dance around.

Dancing Into the Unknown with Coach Nora, Elsa, Anna and Olaf 

Join Stretch-n-Grow’s Coach Nora as she shares her Frozen 2 choreography and “Dances Into the Unknown” with your children! Dance Stars is a fun, energetic program which turns your children into singing and dancing machines – especially when it involves Frozen music! No specific attire required but Elsa, Anna, Olaf or other Frozen dresses or t-shirts are encouraged to add to the fun ZOOM event! Join us and “Dance Into the Unknown”!

Music Together Babies Class with ABC Music

Family Singalong with Nancy Kopman

OMAC Martial Arts – Tiny Tots Class

Salsa Tots Class

Super Soccer Stars Class

Virtual Community Visitor – Dr. Yanez 

Dr. Yanez will be discussing how to keep our smiles healthy and bright. She’ll be giving an office tour, discussing the #2 rule, and she’s even invited some surprise guests!


Dance the Alphabet with Dance Educator Connie Dow 

Connie Dow, Dance Educator, will present a 30-minute session, Dance the Alphabet, for young children 3-6. She will use movement to explore early literacy concepts. The presentation will begin with a warm up, proceed to large motor skill activities, and then end with a quiet finish. There will be opportunities for children to use their imaginations, dance to music, and respond to fun and playful movement prompts.