greeting for childcare career

Benefits for Employers

According to a 2003 Work/Life Benefits report by Hewitt Associates “Child care assistance remains the most prevalent work/life program, with 95% of employers today offering some kind of assistance to their employees (up from 87% in 1998)” (Hewitt Associates, 2003, p.1). Family-friendly programs are mutually beneficial for employers and employees. Offering Kids & Company dependent care as part of your benefits options can help your company:

– Decrease absenteeism

– Increase job satisfaction

– Enhance recruitment and retention packages

– Strengthen employee commitment levels

Take advantage of a powerful public relations tool Kids & Company offers more than just in-centre child care. We can also help your employees with in-home child care and in-home elder care for employees that are caring for ageing relatives. Speak with one of our Corporate Relations staff members to learn more about these reasonable benefits that can have a significant impact on your organization.