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Our Kids & Company Tech Town centre is located in Waterloo between the two universities in the David Johnston Research & Technology Park. We have 8 classrooms that can accommodate up to 91 children ranging between infants to 5 years. We also offer a school age camp program in the summer months and during school breaks and P.A days, which our parents find to be especially convenient. Our students will tell you that the best thing about our site is our wonderful and big playground! We have plenty of trees, a jungle gym climber, sandboxes, and tons of space for our children to play in. We enjoy our natural surroundings and seeing Canadian Geese and Red-Tailed Hawks. This area is also the perfect space for our kids to practice our Munchkinetics physical activity program outdoors. We have a fantastic team at Tech Town who works well together and goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Andrea, our Area Director is also a great addition to the team; she is always available to support our families and teachers and helps maintain our high standard of commitment to our parents. Subsidies are accepted in Waterloo. Contact the Centre Director for more information.

Did you know we have camp programs for school age kids? Sign up for a day, a few days, a week or the entire summer and let them explore their communities, stretch their minds and build lasting friendships! Find out more here.

Tech Town

340 Hagey Boulevard
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6R5

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Meet The Director

My name is Cornelia Weber and I am the Director at the Kids & Company Tech Town centre. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education from Conestoga College and have been working at Kids & Company since September 2005. Having a career in child care is one of the most rewarding opportunities I could ask for. Ever since my babysitting days in my early teens, I have been naturally drawn towards children, and vice-versa. It is so nice to know that I am making a difference in their lives. The teachers at Tech Town are amazing. Everyone works together and goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Andrea, our Area Director is also a great addition to the team; she is always available to support our families and staff and helps maintain our high standard of commitment to our parents. To tell you a bit more about me, my husband and I have three beautiful children, Delanyna (7) and Carson (5) and Tenley (19 months). Both Delanya and Carson attended Kids & Company when they were younger and had such a positive experience. My youngest one Tenley is now at Tech Town and I am continuously amazed by his growth and development. As a mother using our services and the Director of our centre, I can say that our child care environment is warm, engaging and nurturing for children, as well as fun! Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love to meet you! I hope you come visit our Tech Town centre and see for yourself how Kids & Company can provide the right care and education for your child!

Cornelia Weber

Programs Offered

  • Infants
    • At Kids & Company, we work with your family to ensure that the transition is a smooth one. Before your child’s first day, we’ll provide information on what to expect. We’ll create an integration schedule that is right for your child and every day that your child is in the classroom, you’ll receive a daily report that lets you know how your child’s day was. You’ll also be able to see him or her on our in classroom web cameras. The Centre Director will even send you an email before the end of the day if your child has a special “wow” moment that day.

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  • Toddlers
    • Toddlers learn best in the context of relationships within small groups. There are fewer distractions and children’s activities are more focused. In Kids & Company toddler classrooms, our small groups allow very young children to make connections, form caring relationships, and learn to understand other children.

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  • Preschool
    • All two-year-olds examine everything they see, hear, feel and observe in an attempt to make sense of the world around them. In our preschool programs, Kids & Company teachers interact, observe and interpret the interests of preschool students to encourage further discoveries by planning activities and investigations that expand your child’s learning.

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  • Half-day Programs
    • Kids & Company develops and fosters the potential in every child through an enriched, nurturing and safe early learning environment.  At Kids & Company we believe in learning through play.

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  • Kindergarten Programs
    • Kids & Company’s kindergarten programs are designed for children who are 4 or 5 years old (junior kindergarten or senior kindergarten age) to prepare them for Grade 1.  Our program supports learning, play and exploration and the construction of relationships and ideas, while continuing to offer the convenience of full time child care.

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  • School Age Programs
    • Select Kids & Company locations offer after school programming for children ages 6-12 (Grades 1 – 6). Whether you have a younger child attending a Kids & Company location and you’d like the convenience of picking up your children in the same location or you’d like an after school program that’s run by trusted educators, Kids & Company school age programs may be right for your child.

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  • Camp Programs
    • Kids & Company offers school-age day camps during breaks and summer for children in Grades 1 and up. We meet each morning at your chosen centre and then undertake daily adventures on-site or at local attractions like museums, festivals, parks and educational centres. We plan themes and outings that are designed to stimulate and excite in a setting that is safe, social and fun. Children who join us for a day, a week or a summer create important friendships, exercise their minds and bodies, and explore the community around them.

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  • Birthday Parties
    • How can you make children’s birthday parties a piece of cake? Just invite Kids & Company! Most Kids & Company child care centres are now available for kids birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays. All you need to do is bring the children – we’ll do everything else!

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