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A Look Back to Forge Ahead: A Letter from our CEO

Victoria Sopik, Kids & Company’s founder and CEO, shares some of the achievements we have gained from working together to prioritize eco-friendly, sustainable measures in all of our child care locations. Plus, we're excited to share what we have planned as we keep Mother Nature in mind in 2024 and beyond.

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What a difference a year makes! 

Last year, I set a bold vision: I announced that Kids & Company would be making a thoughtful and concerted effort to ensure our families, our children and their children, would inherit a more sustainable future. Truth be told, embracing challenges and setting ambitious targets is part of who I am, and achieving them is what we do!

As we move into Spring, our commitment to sustainability at Kids & Company remains unwavering. Building on the successes of the past year, we are excited to continue to move the dial towards creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment for our families and communities. 

We are proud to share with thanks to the support of our staff and families, that Kids & Company is now an Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsed provider.

Eco-Healthy Child Care® (EHCC) is a prestigious program that partners with child care professionals to eliminate environmental hazards in early learning settings with the goal of protecting the health of children and staff. Over 95% of our child care locations are now proudly endorsed by Eco-Healthy Child Care®.  

This endorsement signifies our dedication to industry advancements, innovation, and the overall well-being of both the children in our care and the planet they will inherit. As we become more aware of the environmental challenges that our planet faces and our role as stewards of that environment, we want to ensure that our child care locations are prime spaces for environmentally-conscious action, where we uphold our commitment to implementing the highest standards of safety, and teach our youngest community members to do the same. 

For the second year in a row, we will be measuring our carbon footprint with the help of the Carbometrix report. In our continued quest to reduce our environmental footprint, we are once again partnering with Carbometrix to measure and understand the carbon footprint of our operations. The insights gained from the Carbometrix report are invaluable, allowing us to pinpoint areas for improvement and strategize on reducing our carbon emissions. This year, we are expanding our efforts to include our United States operations, along with Canada.

This is just the start of the many initiatives as we continue our sustainability journey.  We’re all in this together. 

We invite you to connect with us on our social platforms @kidcochildcare to discover additional ways to participate, or to offer your valuable suggestions. Don't forget to keep up with our blog posts! We're excited to continue sharing innovative "green" ideas and practical advice to inspire you and your children to contribute to the health and sustainability of our classrooms, communities, and the planet for many years to come.


Victoria Sopik

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