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Who is Your Valentine?

The origin of Valentine’s Day remains a mystery to this day, with many different stories circulating around the internet on where this lovey-dovey holiday came from. Most people think Valentine’s Day is just a holiday created by greeting card companies, however Valentine’s Day dates back to the 14th century when famous poets like Geoffrey Chaucer… [read more]

Family Fun Day!

The much-needed February long weekend is almost here! This long weekend is particularly special because it is meant as a time to devote your attention to the loved ones that you often only see for dinner after a long tiring work day. Here at Kids & Company we realize how busy our parents are, so… [read more]

The Importance of Family

I am the oldest of three children. Growing up, I was lucky to be constantly surrounded by family. I spent my summers at the cottage with my cousins and had dinner at the table with my family almost every night of my childhood. With Family Day coming up this weekend, you might find yourself reflecting… [read more]

Kindergarten: preparing for September

As we move through the new year, there any many families with a little one getting ready to go into kindergarten for the first time in September. At this stage parents are thinking through logistics, registration and possibly childcare and daycare options to work around their kindergarten program. But there is another side to kindergarten… [read more]

Music Education: Important for Intellectual AND Emotional Development

As parents and educators, we are hearing more and more that incorporating music into early learning stimulates intellectual development. Teachers often use songs as a means to harness children’s attention, whether they are singing instructions, leading group movement, teaching specific information using a familiar tune or setting the “classroom climate” with soothing/upbeat background music. It’s… [read more]

New Food Guide and The Kidco Kitchen

  Canada’s new food guide does away with portion sizes, the four food groups, and some outdated information. You can download the guide and other resources by clicking the image. 2019 is truly a year full of changes! The buzzworthy topic this week is one we hold near and dear to us – the revamped… [read more]

Teacher Appreciation!

With the start of the new year, we are all about showing our appreciation for everyone around us. Without our kind, patient, caring, teachers we wouldn’t be able to go about the busy day knowing that our children are in good hands at Kids & Company! Instead of just a thank you, we want to… [read more]

Sunshine Supplements!

Basking in the summer sun not only feels good, but is essential for health! Getting sun allows for vitamin D absorption, also aptly known as the sunshine vitamin. As winter approaches there is a scarcity of direct sunlight influenced by the cover of clouds and snow, but even if there is sun we understandably flee… [read more]

The Powerful Potato!

Potatoes have a bad reputation because of their starch content and association with fast food but potatoes are a staple in many different diets and are an important food source.  Potatoes are named the world’s 4th largest crop behind rice and wheat! Potatoes are a tuber meaning they grow underground and have sprouts in more… [read more]

Winter Menu Launch!

Sure, Winter comes with heavy snowfall and below zero temperatures, but it also comes with stewy, savoury dishes to warm up your tummy!! The Kidco Kitchen is excited to present to you the first menu of 2019! We are starting the year off right with every type of comfort food you can think of! Immerse… [read more]