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Spring Wardrobe Essentials: Kids Edition

Spring is here and while we are all excited for it to get a little bit warmer, we know that it also means the weather is changing. Some days it’s beautiful and warm out, and others are cloudy and rainy. As a stylist and a mom of two, I want to make sure my kids… [read more]

Emptying the Emotional Backpack: What to do when children get home from school

This blog post was exclusively created for Kids & Company by Jenn Abatiello. Jenn is a certified parent coach, and founder of Your Transformed Family specializing in guiding families around the world to end frustration, guilt and chaos and to find more peace, calm and connection in parenting. We all know the feeling of being… [read more]

Adjusting Your Child’s Sleep for Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings Time is right around the corner … wait, does that mean spring is coming? Woohoo! If you live in a cold climate like us, this means soon we can open our windows for fresh air, and the children can get outside more to burn off that energy which always means they will sleep better… [read more]

Meet the Parents: Sasha Exeter

We are bringing back our Meet The Parents blog series, just in time for International Women’s Day next week, to celebrate a powerhouse mom in our Kidco community. Our Meet The Parents Blog Series is a way to recognize individuals in our Kidco community. @SashaExeter is the feature of today’s ‘Meet the Parents’ blog, and… [read more]

Advice from an Educator, meet Crystal!

Meet Crystal, our Centre Director at Chicago South Loop, and also the recipient of the highest net promoter score from all of our US locations! We wanted to know what made her so successful as someone who started as an infant teacher before she transitioned to Centre Director, what parts of the curriculum she likes… [read more]

Building Gross Motor Skills into Kindergarten

For most children, the transition into kindergarten is such an exciting milestone! As parents, it’s often a time to reflect on our child’s development and make sure they are set up for success for a new year ahead – both mentally and physically. Physiotherapists Jennifer Halfin and Kasha Pyka (from Toronto Kids Physio) work with… [read more]

Picky Eating: How to avoid it and what to do about it

Parenting a picky eater can be challenging at times, but picky eating is a normal stage of childhood — let us remind you, you are NOT alone! Parenting is all about learning and even making some mistakes along the way. We’re here to give you some strategies that might make this stage a little easier…. [read more]

The Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

With any family, whether big or small, it can be a challenge to plan and enjoy a family meal together. Work commitments, sporting events, and school schedules typically keep most families from enjoying this valuable family time together. However, research shows that children who have meals with their families are more likely to be healthy… [read more]

WeeSleep’s Holiday Sleep Guide

Written for Kids & Company by WeeSleep Happy Holidays to all! For my family, the holidays include a lot of late nights, visiting family and friends, travelling, overeating, and enjoying holiday drinks and treats (lots of sugar!!) Do your children get overtired and cranky this time of year? Do all of the holiday commitments cause… [read more]

What is STEM Learning and Why is it Important?

At Kids & Company, we focus on teaching our children using the Emergent Curriculum philosophy — teaching that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. Emergent Curriculum is our foundation, and one of the ways we teach this is by implementing STEM learning. We call it STREAM because we also… [read more]