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Boomerang Employees in Today’s Workforce

Boomerang employees are on the rise. “What’s a boomerang employee?” you ask. Well, a boomerang employee is an employee who leaves the company they work for, but then later returns to work there once again. Boomerang employees can take back their previous position, get a promotion, or start in a new department altogether.

In the past, employers tended to be more hesitant to re-hire employees that left. My thought is that this is due to the perception of loyalty in previous decades. Years ago, it was very common to work at the same job for your entire career. These days, employees enjoy jumping between different industries, working for a variety of employers, and gaining a breadth of experience.

In today’s workforce, hiring boomerang employees is becoming a common and highly respected practice. There are quite a few perks to re-hiring previous employees. Boomerang employees require less training, are already comfortable with the company culture and their employer already has a feel for their work ethic and personality!

At Kids & Company, we are very open to hiring boomerang employees it's something that we have done a few times in the past year. We interviewed Erin, our Eagleson Director, to get her view on the subject! Welcome back, Erin! We are so happy to have you back.

When did you leave Kids & Company? When did you return?

I left Kids & Company in June 2019 and Returned October 1, 2019

What motivated you to come back to Kids & Company?

I was never really happy with my decision to leave Kids & Company. As time went on at my new position I really missed the atmosphere, the people and my families at Kids & Company.

What did you learn from your time away from Kids & Company? Did you develop any new skill sets?

I learned how I didn’t want to manage. My new manager was not supportive at all, and did not allow for mistakes or errors to happen, and would put you down for these things. I have learned really how to support the staff, and to make sure I remind them on a daily basis how much I appreciate them, and how I understand the hard work they do on a day to day basis.

What do you enjoy most about working at Kids & Company? Have you been able to find this in any other jobs?

I enjoy the family dynamic we have at the Eagleson location, between the staff as well as the families. We ensure that our job is getting done, but we have so much fun at the same time. I have not ever seen this at any other job.

Please include any general remarks about how it felt to return to Kids & Company after some time away.

It felt so good to return to Kids & Company, the warm welcome was so overwhelming. I don’t feel like I have left.

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