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Canada Day Weekend

If you’re planning on going away to enjoy the long weekend, planning ahead is a necessity if you want your kiddies to stay entertained during those long road trips. Long car rides can be very stressful when you aren’t equipped with ways to amuse your children for periods of time. Here are some ways you can pre-plan for a seamless and relaxing getaway!

Snacks are a great way to distract your kiddies during long car rides. Prepare healthy snack options to keep your children content for the duration of your trip. Peel and pre-cut cucumber and carrots into bite size pieces to snack on throughout the car ride. You can even prepare Kidco Kitchen’s Happy Hummus recipe for a healthy dip to go along with your veggies! Red pepper pieces are also a great veggie to store in the cooler to last for long road trips. Some fruits that are nutritious and hydrating for the car are pre-cut strawberries, melons, blueberries, grapes. Avoid bringing snacks that are prone to being crumbled, mushed, dripped or spilled. Trail mix is a great snack because you can prepare it with all your children’s favourite snack mix-ins in mind! Simply pick their favourite cereal, dried fruit, finger snack, and mix them all up in a plastic bag!

Other ways to keep your kids entertained in the car are by bringing colouring books, crayons, sing-along CD’s and travel board games. This will help the time go by quicker for your little ones and they won’t get antsy during the long hours in the car. You can even make your own bingo board game using a cutting board and crafts from the local craft store, and make an at-home activity before you leave for your trip, making your children even more excited for the car ride! Draw and paste pictures of things that you are likely to see during your road trip (i.e. a red car, a large tree, a convertible, a welcome sign, stop signs, clouds, etc.) and have your kids look out for the items along your trip.

For toddlers, a fun craft idea is to bring a metal cookie pan along with alphabet and picture magnets for them to play with. If you have spare time beforehand, you can even use chalk paint to coat the cookie sheet and bring along chalk for them to draw pictures!

Whether you’re on the road, relaxing at home, or on an adventure outside, Kids & Company hopes you have a wonderful long weekend!  Enjoy your holiday time with your family and friends!!!

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