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Crazy Carrot Curriculum

March is Nutrition Month!  This month in our proprietary Kidco Kitchen Nutrition Curriculum,  our students will be learning all about our various food groups and their nutritional benefits! Throughout the year, our kiddies learn the importance of all different types of nutritious foods that we should be eating to grow into strong, healthy adults. 

In February, our students focused on Crazy Carrots and discussed where carrots come from, explored carrots through their 5 senses, and learned how carrots help us grow.

The first activity the children participated in was learning where carrots come from, by growing their own carrot tops and charting their growth in the classrooms. By simply using whole carrots, cutting the tops off the carrots and placing them in a tray of water, providing it with sunlight and regularly watering, the carrot tops were able to flourish and grow. Each week the children measured and documented the progress of their green carrot tops!

The kiddies then explored carrots through their 5 senses by analyzing big and small pieces, peeled, mashed, and raw carrots. Using plastic knives and peelers the teachers demonstrated cutting and peeling the carrots to the children. They displayed carrots in a variety of forms (big, small, peeled, mashed, raw, etc.) and asked the students questions like what do the carrots look like, smell like, taste like and feel like. They discussed how their texture and shape changes during the cooking process.  The key component learned in this exercise was how delicious carrots are whether they are cooked or raw and that by eating them the kiddies will become healthy and strong.

Our students also learned about the nutritional value of carrots focusing on the benefits of vitamins in carrots through our Munchkinetics Munchkins. The Munchkins eat their carrots and get their special powers from Vitamin A giving them super vision, Vitamin B lets them leap and jump, Vitamin C keeps them from getting sick and Vitamin K makes them strong! Carrots help your eyes to stay healthy and your body from getting sick!

We know how much your kiddies love carrots, which is why we serve dishes with carrots for your kids to enjoy, from crazy carrots, to beef & barley stew, and a Kidco kiddie favourite, turkey noodle doodle!

To reinforce these lessons, try engaging with your little ones at dinner time and ask them what they learned about crazy carrots!

From my kitchen to yours enjoy! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @kidcochildcare and on Instagram @cheflisaruscica!


Chef Lisa Ruscica
Chief Food Ambassador

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