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Desserts Done Date Cheap

Medjool dates are unlike normal dates in that they are more succulent and naturally sweet, establishing the perfect substitute for sugar in your child’s sweets. There are a little over 60 calories each, but don’t let this stark number scare you away. The calories in these dates come from the high concentration of carbohydrates in these compact fruits, which aid in the function of key tissues in the body, most importantly the brain. These brain-healthy dates are not only filled with good calories, but they are also footloose and fat-free, making it again an ideal substitute for extra sugars in the treats you give your children. If you need another reason to rush to the grocery store to snag them, these dates are also filled with vitamins and minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, and B-6.

One of the amazing recipes that uses these Medjool Dates instead of reaching for the dreaded bag of processed sugar to subdue your child’s sweet tooth are these nut free, sugar free, vegan granola bars that they’re bound to love! Check out the delicious recipe here!


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