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Happy Birthday Canada!

It is hard to believe that it is nearly Canada Day weekend once again with a chance to barbeque, relax, and celebrate Canada’s Birthday with fireworks, festivals, and food. This July 1st marks the 151st year for Canada, so to celebrate our love for everything Canuck, why not put together a menu that includes choices from all across the Provinces and Territories of Canada?

You could start the day with pancakes (wheat from the prairies), maple syrup (from Quebec) and locally farmed fruit as a great, refreshing addition. The fresh berries are in season with strawberries being the first available at your local farmers market. Another fun suggestion would be fire roasted Montreal style bagels with smoked salmon from British Columbia. Don’t forget the cream cheese, capers and red onion! Either of these delicious breakfasts would be a delightful and nutritious start to this busy day of festivities.

Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshy baked bread? My son Sam this past week has been making his “starter” and successfully made his first loaf of sourdough bread last night. It was an amazing first attempt of what I am sure will be many more loaves to come. Bannock is a traditional Aboriginal quick bread that can be cooked outdoors on a fire, in a frying pan on the stove, or baked in the oven. Your family’s favourite flavours can be added to this delicious bread, but my family loves to top it off with tomato sauce from Leamington Ontario tomatoes and grizzly gouda from Alberta. Some additional ideas for lunch might be an assortment of smoked meat from Quebec, potato salad from P.E.I., or mussels from Nova Scotia – all diverse and packed with tasty goodness! What ever you decide to do, you must not forget the world famous and iconic Canadian dessert of butter tarts.

Dinner outside with family and friends around the barbeque can include steak or hamburgers from Alberta, wild rice from Manitoba, mushrooms from B.C., fiddleheads from New Brunswick, or mustard greens from the Prairies. If you want to get really daring, you could acquire some moose meat or game meats from the Territories, but this is for the adventurous souls. Classic sugar pie from Quebec or a Saskatoon berry pie would be a great surprise to all. Pickerel from Manitoba, Atlantic salmon from Newfoundland, or Maritime lobster or snow crabs would be great alternatives if meat is not your preference.

There is so much to celebrate on Canada’s birthday, including the history of Canadian cuisine which would be an educational and fun experience for your kiddies. You can have them researching and choosing their favourite additions to the dishes you make for you truly Canuck holiday meals. Have fun and enjoy the long weekend! Happy Canada Day from all of us at Kids and Company!!!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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