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Having Fun in our Mini Masters Program!

Last week in our Toddler Mini Masters Program, the children concluded their lesson plans on French Artist Henri Matisse. They looked at his piece “The Snail” which was created during Matisse’s “Painting with scissors” collage stage of his artistry. The children were encouraged to make their own “snail” collage using different shapes of paper glued on the shell. For their daydream activity, the toddlers were encouraged to move around slow like a snail or fast like a frog!

In the Preschool Mini Masters Program, the children finished up their unit on Painter Gustav Klimt. They were reminded that Klimt was born in Vienna and that his father was a gold engraver and he went through a golden phase.  The children  examined his piece “The Tree of Life”. They discussed which colours they saw in the piece and why they think Klimt used them. During their art activity, the children had the opportunity to create their own magical tree! They were encouraged to use their fingertips, fingers and palms to make their trees. For their daydream activity, the preschoolers pretended to start off as a small seed and then grow into big strong trees!





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