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Preserving Summer!

Summer gives us beautiful, bountiful produce that is so delicious! Do you ever wish you could have these amazing flavours all year long? Well you can! Whether you pickle it, make jam, make sauce or dry it, there are plenty of ways to preserve your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs this summer! Preserving fresh produce is not only tasty but also economical – produce is cheapest in season and by picking produce at the height of the season you are locking in the best flavours and nutrition.

I love making Moroccan and Middle Eastern foods for entertaining poolside in our garden.  The special ingredient that takes each dish from delicious to remarkable are preserved lemons! They are easy and quick to make, last for a very long time, and will enhance your dishes like nothing you’ve ever tasted. Try this recipe on Epicurious and wow your guests at your next dinner party. 

Many great sauces can be made from fresh vegetables and herbs. Tomato sauce is a wonderful, versatile staple in any kitchen that is best made from lovely fresh summer tomatoes. Making tomato sauce is an easy weekend activity that the whole family can get involved in. Make a large batch and then jar portions to keep through the winter! Another great sauce is basil pesto! Try grinding basil with pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan cheese to make a delicious green sauce. You can freeze portions of pesto in an ice cube tray for an easy option to have with pasta, chicken or veggies!

Drying fruits is another great way to preserve the delicious flavours of the summer. Dried apple rings, banana slices and apricots are great snacks for kids! Dried fruit tastes sweeter than fresh fruit and they are easy to store in the pantry. In addition to snacks, dried fruits can be added to baked goods, and they’re great with breakfast like in your kiddies favourite Magical Meusli from our Kidco Kitchen.

Pickling is a unique way to preserve your supply of summer produce. Though most people are only familiar with pickled cucumbers or ‘pickles’, there are so many other great options when it comes to pickling. Pickled foods can add a tangy bite to many dishes. Some great foods for pickling include green beans, ramps, beets, and hot peppers. All you need are veggies, jars, vinegar and seasoning!

At the Kidco Kitchen we love to find ways to naturally preserve foods without the use of chemical preservatives. Your little ones will love helping you cook all of these yummy creations. Grab your jars and start preserving summer!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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