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Reasons why we’ve chosen to send our children to daycare

This blog post is written by guest-writer, @ConfidentiallyKatie, a Kidco parent and partner.

A video I posted of my daughter’s first day at Kids and Co. went viral on TikTok. The video footage was set against Coldplay’s hit track “yellow” and it featured her taking some of her first steps with a walker at 9 months old, and then seamlessly transitioned to her taking her first steps into daycare. It was highly emotive, and I think its virality was due to a lot of parents being able to deeply relate to the concept of our children growing up in the blink of an eye.

The number of views and comments on that video was not the surprising part though; it was conversation that followed in the comment section (and subsequent videos) about the decision to choose childcare over being a stay-at-home Mom, that really got me thinking. 

Here’s the thing: I have three children and without fail, every time one of my kids has reached the stage of starting daycare, I have second-guessed my decision. Am I being selfish? Will I regret the decision to go back to work during this small window of time when they are so little? Are they really ready for such a big step? Would a nanny or grandparent be a better option? And ultimately, should I consider staying home full-time rather than go back to the career I have been building for over a decade?

And this is why that video went so far and wide – every parent asks themselves these questions. Every parent questions whether they are making the right decision for their child.

So why have I made the choice time and time again to send my children to daycare? Has it ultimately been the right one for our family?

The answer is unequivocally, yes. Here are justa few reasons why:

  1. It made sense for us a family

There are so many variables that go into this decision and they will differ from family to family. Financially speaking, childcare will make financial sense to some families, and for some it will not. But it also comes down to much more than that in terms of family dynamics. Does the parent (or parents) have an established career they would like to go back to? Do they not feel fulfilled as a stay-at-home parent? Or are they completely content with that new role and consider it a gift to be able to stay home with their children until they are school-age? That’s very personal and nuanced.

  1. The socialization factor

This has always been something we have taken into consideration when making the decision of whether or not to send our children to daycare, but after the first 18 months of my youngest child’s life were spent in home lock-downs due to a world-wide pandemic, it had an even greater influence on our decision this time around. Socialization is incredibly important for young children – in daycare they learn how to share, empathize and communicate with children their own age which, in my experience, is so much more effective than learning everything from their small circle of loved ones at home. I think of it like travel for adults: the more you see of the world, the more you respect and value different cultures, customs and lifestyles. Children learn in leaps and bounds when they are learning with, and from, their peers.

  1. Preparation for Kindergarten

Having two older school-age children I can tell you from experience that Kindergarten is a big leap for little kids. But for children who have been in childcare previously, its not nearly as big of a transition as it could be. Beyond day-to-day skills – using a shared potty and sink, eating amongst peers, sharing toys and school supplies – children learn the daily routine of leaving their homes, and entering a structured environment for a full day with an adult caregiver that is not a loved one. This is a huge concept for young children, but childcare is a gentler introduction to the concept, and awesome preparation for the big transition to Kindergarten.

  1. My children have thrived in daycare

I can’t say enough about the overall positive impact childcare has had on my three children, but I’ll speak specifically to its impact on my third child who is part of the Kids & Co. family. Immediately after starting childcare her vocabulary blossomed (caregivers can’t understand a child’s very personal language cues like a parent can so they need to learn communication pretty quickly), and she was fully potty-trained within a few short months. She, like my other two children, has thrived in the daily, predictable routine that childcare provides. It has become a safe space where she knows what to expect next, and continues to learn from her caregivers and peers alike. As the youngest child, our daughter has always wanted to be like her older siblings. So while I think most toddlers crave independence (“I can do it myself!”), the youngest of three really aims to prove themselves. Our daughter gets so much purpose out of going to childcare during the week. She has her own new friends, her own teachers, her own cubby, her own artwork, and her own achievements. She’s so proud of this independent part of her life, and so are we!

At the end of the day, only a parent can decide what is best for their child and their family dynamics when it comes to deciding on childcare, but in our case daycare has been, and continue to be, such a positive and rewarding experience. The most important part of all has been choosing a childcare facility where we know our children are safe and nurtured, and Kids & Co. has been that place for us.

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