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Reduce your Waste!  

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen produces the most waste. Food scraps make up 21% of all landfill trash by weight, and that does not even include food packaging! Recycling is important in helping the environment, but avoiding the creation of unnecessary waste is the best way to help! Here are some of great ways that you can reduce your waste!

Compost, compost, compost! This is the greatest way to reduce waste in the kitchen, and help your garden grow! Many cities have implemented the “green bin” initiative and will pick up your composting with the garbage and recycling. If you have a garden, get a compost bin (many cities give them away for free) and throw all your food scraps into it. The amount of trash in your bin will reduce at the same speed as your garden will grow!    Instead of throwing away produce or fruit that is starting to over ripen, freeze it! These can be used in the future for soups, baking and more.  Each year North Americans drink enough water bottles to wrap around the earth three times!  Tap water is actually more regulated for contaminants than bottled water and re-usable water bottles do not contain harmful chemicals such as BPA.  The last, and most important way to reduce your waste, is to not buy more than you will use. Forty percent of the food purchased in North America goes uneaten. Take a second look at your grocery cart before checkout and make sure that you need everything in it. Not only will this help save the environment, but your wallet too!





Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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