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Tips for the Terrible Two’s

I've experienced the terrible two's eight times over! As conversation has come up about how to deal with some of these difficult two year old situations, I've been trying to remember how I best dealt with my kids when they were young. It has been so long ago now as "my baby" Fraser is 14! I do have some of my own personal tips, but they are a bit more traditional and perhaps not the newest tips and tricks that are child care friendly!

Instead, I've decided to share with all of you some tips from on our early childhood educators, many of whom are moms themselves!

  1. Step back and look at the entire situation. Try to determine why your child is not listening. Are you sure he has heard you clearly and understands what you are saying? Are there any distractions around him? Is he tired, or hungry? Does he receive more attention from you when he doesn't listen? (Negative reinforcement)
  2. Ensure your expectations are developmentally appropriate. For example: If giving directions to a two year old, only give one direction at a time. Young children have a difficult time retaining more than one set of instructions.
  3. Praise positive behaviour and ignore the unwanted (negative) behaviour.
  4. Establish eye contact before speaking to a young child. This ensures, they are focused on you and not distracted by something around them.
  5. Changing the tone of your voice will often capture a child's attention. Whispering works. Try not to raise your voice as this isn't an effective way to communicate and it let's the child know you are frustrated. (This can be empowering for a child)

Try these tips out at home and I will share more in the coming weeks.