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Tips to Navigate Healthy Sleep During the Holidays

This blog is written by our guest author, Alana Metallo, Certified Sleep Consultant from MetaSleep Consulting. MetaSleep helps families navigate sleep and live a well-rested lifestyle. Through consultation, they educate, guide, and support families about the benefits of healthy sleep, and help parents create a customized sleep routine for their children’s naps and bedtime.

Navigating baby and toddler sleep during the holidays can be a challenge, but with some thoughtful planning and flexibility, you can help ensure a smoother sleep experience for both you and your children. Here are some tips for managing sleep routines during the holiday season:

Stick to Your Routine:

While it's tempting to be more relaxed during the holidays, try to stick to your baby or toddler's usual sleep routine as much as possible. Consistency helps signal to your child that it's time to wind down and sleep.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment:

Whether you're at home or traveling, aim to recreate a sleep-conducive environment. Bring familiar items such as a favourite blanket, stuffed animal, sleep sack and sound machine. Use blackout curtains or shades to create a dark sleep space. A SlumberPod is a great investment for sleep while travelling. It makes room sharing during travel a restful experience for your family.

Plan Around Sleep Times:

When making holiday plans, consider your child's nap and bedtime schedule. Try to schedule events and gatherings during times when your child is well-rested. If possible, plan breaks or quiet time for naps. When your child is well-rested, everyone can enjoy the festivities.

Be Mindful of Overstimulation:

The holiday season often involves new and exciting experiences. Too much stimulation can lead to overtired and cranky babies/toddlers. Pay attention to your child's cues and provide opportunities for them to rest and recharge.

Adjust Expectations:

Understand that disruptions to sleep may happen during the holidays, and that's okay. Be flexible and patient with your child as they adapt to new environments and schedules.

Communicate with Family and Friends:

Let family and friends know about your child's sleep schedule, so they can be supportive and understanding. This might mean planning gatherings earlier in the day or having a quiet space available for naps. Know that not everyone will support your priorities for sleep. Ensure that you are clear with your expectations so there are no surprises.

Prioritize Sleep:

While it's tempting to stay up late or attend every holiday event, prioritize your child's sleep needs. If an event conflicts with nap or bedtime, consider whether it's worth attending or if adjustments can be made.

Offer Comfort:

Changes in routine and new environments can be unsettling for young children. Be prepared to offer extra comfort and reassurance during the holidays. Stick to soothing bedtime rituals to help your child feel secure.

Take Care of Yourself:

Managing your child's sleep during the holidays can be stressful. Make sure to take care of yourself, get enough rest, and enlist the help of family or friends when needed. It is ok to say no to events if it feels too stressful. Try to manage your expectations and enjoy this special time of year.

Remember that every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Adjust these tips based on your child's individual needs and temperament. With a bit of planning and flexibility, you can navigate the holiday season while still prioritizing your child's sleep.

This blog is written by our guest author, Alana Metallo, Certified Sleep Consultant from MetaSleep Consulting. Kids & Company families can enjoy 15% off their Sleep Programs using code KIDCO15OFF.

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