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To Screen, or not to Screen…That is the question.

It seems logical that this generation of moms wonders what’s best for their kiddos as it relates to technology. After all, I sometimes as an adult wonder where the line should be drawn between “enhancing” our lives and letting it take over.

I think I would fit into the category of anti-screen moms if I had to choose. Generally speaking I prefer for my little ones to go outside and play or use their imaginations before handing the tablet over.  But each situation and family is different so I can only provide feedback on what works best for the Kardesh kids.

Since there are so many opinions on the topic and we all want the best for our children, I think the safest bet is to do what’s BEST for your family. What I will say is I found a pretty good article published on and it seems to do a good job of showcasing the pros and cons from an objective perspective.

Check it out here!


The other side of the questions isn't as the technology relates to the children but as it relates to the parents. Here’s where I do have a bit of feedback. Don’t miss out on fleeting moments because you were posting to your Facebook or Instagram. Just keep in mind that watching, participating and engaging with your children is the most important thing you can do. We’re so excited as parents to take a photo and upload it to share our wonderful moment with the world – but just be cautious that you’re not accidently missing what follows because your face is in your phone.

I went to lunch a couple weeks ago with my two kids – it was really casual, we just grabbed slices of pizza and sat outside. I consciously keep my phone buried in my purse sometimes so it doesn’t tempt me. As we were just wrapping up an elderly gentleman came up to me and said “Thank you for paying attention to your children and actually talking to them. It’s nice to see a young mom without her face in her phone. Have a great day.”

We/I try very hard to do the right thing for my kids. The comment that a complete stranger shared with me was so sincere and true that it makes me think twice about trying to multi-task all the time. It’s OK to be unavailable to others – what’s more important then soaking up uninterrupted time with your babies as often as possible?

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