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A Green Reading List for Earth Day: Learning with Kindness, Innovation, and Optimism

Kids & Company Reading List for Earth Day

At Kids & Company we believe in nurturing not only young minds but also instilling values of kindness, responsibility towards our planet, and fostering a sense of optimism for a brighter future. Afterall, Kindness, Innovative, and Optimism are a part of our Kidco values. In this blog, we share a reading list that our educators have curated for our young readers to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2024, with learning outcomes that perfectly align with our Kidco values. We hope you enjoy reading these books throughout April to start important conversations with your child and bring them awareness on how to care for our planet.

"One Tree" by Green Start 

Start by reading this book with your child. Made from 98% recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly inks, “One Tree” explains the amazing jobs a tree performs to young readers. Stand-out examples that will surely spark your child’s interest include learning how trees can act as homes for birds, and feed hungry bugs. It's not just a story; it's an eco-friendly adventure that educates our children about the importance of preserving nature.

"How the Crayons Saved the Earth" by Monica Sweeney 

The colorful book “How the Crayons Saved the Earth” invites young readers to join a colorful crew of crayons on a mission – to save the Earth from turning grey (from factors such as pollution). Through illustrations of teamwork, kindness, optimism, innovation, and determination, this book demonstrates that even small acts can make a huge difference. This message of environmental stewardship reminds us all - children and adults alike - that we carry a responsibility to care for our one earth.

"One Earth" by Eileen Spinelli 

From recycling to conserving energy, "One Earth" teaches young readers the importance of sustainability in a fun and engaging rhyme. This beautifully illustrated story will educate your child about environmental conservation and reinforce the concept of collective responsibility – as well as take them on a fun and innovative counting adventure! (We recommend that you encourage your child to count the items in the illustrations as they follow along the story!).

"Earth Day Every Day" by Lisa Bullard 

In "Earth Day Every Day," your child will discover simple yet impactful ways to care for our planet, emphasizing that environmental stewardship is not just a one-day event but a daily commitment. Through colorful and relatable examples, this book empowers children to make a positive difference. From recycling, and participating in “Earth Day” extracurriculars to planting trees (Did you know? Arbor Day/Week follows Earth Day very closely in the US and Canada), “Earth Day Every Day” promotes a sense of responsibility and encourages children to care for the earth, not just on Earth Day, but every day. 

"Change Starts with Us" by Sophie Beer 

In this vibrant story “Change Starts with Us”, children learn to celebrate small acts of green living that can lead to significant positive changes for our planet. With a focus on empowerment, this book instills a sense of optimism and kindness in children by showcasing that everyone has the power to build a better world for everyone that inhabits our one earth.

These children’s books not only foster a love for reading but also ignite a passion for learning, kindness, innovation, and optimism in the hearts of our young readers. Starting with these books, we can nurture a generation of compassionate and environmentally-conscious individuals. 

We invite you to connect with us on our social platforms @kidcochildcare to discover additional ways in which we are becoming more eco-conscious - as a company and in our classrooms, or to connect with us to offer your valuable suggestions. Don't forget to keep up with our blog posts! We're excited to continue sharing innovative "green" ideas and practical advice to inspire you and your children to contribute to the health and sustainability of our classrooms, communities, and planet Earth for many years to come.

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