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Build a Stronger Relationship with your Kids

At Kids & Company, February's theme is relationships! Our goal is to use our wonderful community of parents and parenting experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences.  Today, Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell of Parenting Power™,  have given us some insight on ways to strengthen your relationship with your kids! Here's what the lovely ladies at Parenenting Power™ had to say!

The only behaviour you can change is your own.

That's a pretty powerful place to start!

Monday, February 17th, 2020 is our fourth annual #NoPhoneFamilyDay: a day where we encourage families to put away their smartphones/screens for the day and instead, spend quality time together.

AND ... if that feels impossible — a whole day without screens; then do something achievable and decide on a portion of the day that will be screen-free and filled with other activities that everyone can do together. Go for a swim or check out a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Stay home and have a dance party or a bake-off! Whatever it is, do it together and connect eye-to-eye and shoulder-to-shoulder.

Kids learn what they live.

New research is verifying what we've known for years! In a recent article, Stephen Johnson suggests:

"Want your kid to cut down screen time?
Study says: Put away your phone!

The results found that the screen-time of mothers was positively associated with the screen-time of their children and that offering screens as a reward for good behaviour is also linked to increased screen-time among kids."

child playing with an ipad at the dinner table

But how do we put away our own phones? Research says that adults look at their phones up to 150 times a day! There are apps which will tell you exactly how often you are on your phone. We've gathered tips from different resources and have them for you free in our Parents' Intentional Phone Use Guide.

The key here is becoming aware of how much you are using devices in your home and then setting an intention about when/where you will use them and when/where you won't.

Start off simply: Meals and Wheels. Keeps screens/phones away from the dinner table and during regular car trips.

Diana Graber, in her book Raising Humans in a Digital World, suggests this tip:

"Be aware of how many times you use your phone in front of your children (0-12). They learn from you. When you use your phone/screen, explain what you are doing and invite the child to do it with you."

You can say,

"Grandma is calling and I am going to answer the phone."


"I'm not sure what to make for dinner — so let’s look for a yummy recipe together."

When you find yourself saying, "I'm just checking Instagram," for the 6th time that morning, awareness kicks in pretty clearly.

We encourage you to plan with your family how you will participate in #NoPhoneFamilyDay this year.

Family of four playing a board game together

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