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Child Proofing 101!

A few weeks ago, I was watching a run-of-the-mill sitcom on Netflix (not exactly a rarity around here) and for once was intrigued enough to set down my phone, take a look at the screen and pay attention to what was happening. The fictional family had their young grandson living with them, and in a fit of parental protection his mother and grandmother had hired an official “baby proofer” for their house. I couldn’t believe it – was making sure a house was safe for a wee one really so complicated?

Well as any parent who has had a crawling, grabbing, walking toddler would know, the answer to that question is “YES!”

When I started to investigate our home, I was disturbed to realize that we were living in a minefield of potential devastation. Dramatic? Yes. But realistically, everywhere I turned there was a cord, or a corner or an electrical outlet – all perfectly poised to entice and injure a curious tot. We’ve all heard the terrible stories of injury and death when young ones are left unattended for even a moment, but those stories never truly sink in until you have your own wee ones to protect. As I dove deeper into the depths on the Internet, it became apparent that there was another level of baby proofing beyond my wildest dreams...or nightmares?

Straps for televisions and pieces of furniture. Padded edging for corners and, well, edges.

A toilet lid lock, faucet covers, non-slip tub strips. The list goes on and on! Was no room immune?

Well when you get down on your hands and knees and start exploring your house as your child would (or does) the answer is “no.” Every room needs to be properly “proofed” in order to be safe for your wee ones. So, take off your dignity and put on your toddler thinking cap – that’s the best way to ensure every nook and cranny of your home can be enjoyed by the even the smallest members of the family.

In an age where space is at a premium, electronics are commonplace and laundry detergent pods look like candy, a parent can never be too careful.

Check out HGTV’s Baby Proofing Tips for tricks that won’t cramp your style.

P.S.: Don’t forget to baby proof your wee one’s sleeping space and practice safe sleeping habits! Bulky bumpers, swaying mobiles, picture glass and loose blankets all pose a danger to your slumbering sweetie. Choose safety over style and function over fashion. Your babies will thank you!

Janey Reilly, well-rested President and Founder of WeeSleep™, is an expert Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant who consults families around the globe and coaches and mentors a team to do the same!

WeeSleep™ launched after I realized how important infant and toddler sleep is, and after struggling with my son’s sleep issues and seeing and hearing about so many families having difficulties. I knew providing babies and families with healthy sleep was where I would find the most rewards in my professional life. I am passionate about healthy living, nutrition and fitness and, of course, BABY & TODDLER SLEEP! Myself and the WeeSleep™ team are dedicated to helping parents solve their baby's sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!

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