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Apple Picking Season is Here!

Colourful Autumn trees don’t stay beautiful for long so get outside and enjoy them before they ‘leaf’!  One of my favourite ways to enjoy the beautiful fall weather is by going apple picking!  This is an activity that can keep you busy for the whole weekend: picking one day and cooking with your delicious fruit the next!

Pick-your-own farms often have lots of fun activities to keep you entertained all day long! Many farms will have tractor rides, farm animals and of course, apples!  Let your kids taste the distinct flavours of different apples then they can all pick their favourite types! It’s great for young kids to learn about how their food grows and where it comes from.  It’s also important for kids to learn and taste the benefits of eating delicious, locally grown fruits! 

Now that you have tons of delicious apples, what will you make with them?  Apples are nutritional powerhouses with many great nutrients such as dietary fibre and potassium as well as many health promoting components like antioxidants.  As they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”, so let’s cook with them as much as we can!  At the Kidco Kitchen, we take full advantage of the Fall apple harvest by making our Applelicious Crisp and Apple Cinnamon Muffins for our kiddies! Another great way to use your apples is by making applesauce.  This is a go to snack for many families but store-bought brands can be very high in sugar! If you make homemade applesauce you can control how much sugar you put in and you can try other ways of amping up the flavour with ingredients like cinnamon, lemon zest or other fruits like raspberries and cranberries. 

Enjoy the beautiful weather while the leaves are changing and the weather is still warm! Get the whole family outside for the day and have them help make amazing, aromatic apple goodies afterwards!  You’ll see just how much your little ones enjoy their fruit when they get to pick it themselves!
From our kitchen to yours…Enjoy!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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