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Eating with the Senses!


Research shows that we rely almost solely on the senses of taste and sight when making food choices, cooking and consuming foods.  The best cooks are those that touch, listen, smell and thoughtfully taste the food they are creating; from the smelling of fresh herbs to the final creation.  Not only does using all the senses make you a better cook, but it makes consuming foods a more pleasurable experience! Here are some tips on using all five senses in the kitchen and the dining room.

We first experience food with our eyes; this is especially true for your little ones! Many children will make the decision to try a new food simply based on its visual appeal; this is why we always serve a variety of colours at every meal and snack. Keep colours and shapes in mind when plating foods, contrasting colours such as reds and greens are pleasing to the eye!



Next time you cook, listen for the different crackles, splatters, sizzles and hisses. These sounds indicate a stage in the cooking process. For example when your pan dries out it creates a hissing sound, which warns you your dinner is about to burn! Touch is key when grocery shopping, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. The most perfect looking fruit might still be rock hard and not ready to be eaten! Touching does not just mean your hands but also how the food feels in your mouth. Incorporate different textures such as smooth, crispy and crunchy into your meals. Engage in mindful chewing by taking bite sized portions of food and taking the time to feel the various textures. The human nose can recognize over 10 000 scents! Use your nose when grocery shopping, especially for those fragrant fresh herbs and spices. It is the sense of smell that most often brings on cravings, there is nothing like the scent of cooking filling the house to make your mouth water! Taste is of course the most powerful of the senses when it comes to food. Heighten this sense by closing your eyes when chewing; try to pick out the different flavours of sweet, sour, savoury and more!

Try using each of your senses when cooking your next meal, it is sure to make both the meal itself and the cooking experience better! Encourage your little ones to take in the aroma of the food before digging in, have them try closing their eyes to really appreciate the flavours.





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